Sahara Desert Morocco: Your Ultimate Travel Guide

Sahara Desert Morocco –  For readers, perhaps in your mind is the desert was hot with the new oasis in the middle of it. Like most films in the shoot here.


Sahara Desert Morocco Information

Today, the Sahara Desert is one part of Morocco which began to attract tourism to the tourists visited. Perhaps this has not been the favorite destination among world travelers, most of the visitors who went to the Sahara Desert are those who love adventure and survive in the wild. Here he was, an overview of the Sahara Desert Morocco: Your Ultimate Travel Guide.


What is the Sahara Desert?

The Sahara hasn’t often been a desert. Following the last Ice Age, the landscape was left as dry and barren because it is right now. Nonetheless, about 10,500 years ago, an unexpected onset of monsoon rains transformed the uninhabitable desert into a habitable in Savannah.

As radiocarbon dated for human and animal remains have verified to scientists, the humans and animals living in the Nile River Valley were capable of expanding out into the savannah.

Sahara Desert Morocco Africa Wallpaper
Sahara Desert Morocco at Night

Above the following several hundred years, the rains continued, and human settlements grew and in some instances launched domesticated livestock for example goats and sheep.

Around 7,300 years ago, the rains started to retreat, and by 5,500 years ago, the human residents had returned to the Nile River Valley. The Sahara Desert Morocco is the hottest desert in the world, the third largest after the ice fields of Antarctica, also the Arctic and the largest desert in Africa.

And what about the desert covers also How big is the Sahara Desert? The area of the Sahara Desert is approximately 3,500,000 square miles, which is certainly the Sahara Desert covers most of Northern Africa region, and where is the Sahara Desert exactly? Read the following post.


Where is the Sahara Desert?

Where is the Sahara Desert located? The Sahara Desert Morocco is located within the northern portion of Africa and covers 3,500,000 square miles or roughly 10% of the continent. It genuinely is bounded on the east by way of the Red Sea, and it stretches west to the Atlantic Ocean.

Around the north, the Sahara Desert’s northern boundary may be the Mediterranean Sea, despite the fact that inside the south it ends together with the Sahel, an area where the desert landscape transforms into a semi-arid tropical savanna.

Taking into consideration that the Sahara Desert Morocco tends to produce up practically 10% in the African continent, the Sahara is typically cited because of the world’s largest desert.

This is not entirely accurate, nevertheless, as it is only the world’s largest hot desert. According to the definition of a desert as a place acquiring significantly much less than 10 inches of precipitation per year, the largest desert in the worlds.


Sahara Desert Weather and Climate

Sahara Desert Climate: The hot, dry climate in the Sahara is especially harsh. In 1922, the highest temperature ever recorded was taken in Azizyah, Libya, at an astounding 58°C (Sahara Desert Temperature). All through the hottest months in every year, temperatures routinely exceed 50°C. The typical annual temperature inside the Sahara is 30°C.

Sahara Desert Weather: Since the air consists of really little humidity to hold the heat in, there’s a superb large distinction amongst daytime and nighttime temperatures. At night, the temperature routinely falls beneath freezing. With regards to rainfall, about half inside the Sahara receives drastically significantly less than 0.79 inches of rain 12 months, along with the other half receives all about 3.9 inches.


Sahara Desert Animals

What animals live in the Sahara Desert? About 70 diverse animal species live in the Sahara. Mammal species incorporate men and women that could survive for an extended period with no water consumption, for instance, the fennec fox, pale fox, African wild dog, Saharan cheetah, and also the Dorcas gazelle would be the animals in the Sahara Desert.

sahara desert africa camel transportation
Camel Transportation

The addax, a species of white antelope, is recognized to survive for so long as a year with out having consuming water. Many species of lizards, snakes, and scorpions also live in the desert. You can find even desert crocodiles in components of Mauritania and Chad.

Saharan birds incorporate the African Silverbill along with the black-throated Firefinch. The Berbers nevertheless inhabit considerably on the Sahara Desert Morocco, along with the only domesticated animals noticed within the desert are camels and goats.


Sahara Desert Plants

The day-to-day plant life even though inside the Sahara is sparse, because of harsh climatic difficulties. Roughly 500 plant species are identified to expand inside the location.

Plants need to be in a position to adapt to hot and dry circumstances, or in an area to live in places with salt water. Offered the immensity in the desert, the biodiversity is remarkably little.

Acacia trees, grasses, spiny shrubs, and palms would be the plants in the Sahara Desert Morocco. As an example, have adapted towards the Saharan climate by developing closer to the ground to avoid water loss from powerful winds.

They can also shop moisture in their stems and have roots that branch out horizontally to maximize the area they cover for moisture models. Thick leaves and needles stop evaporation. Along the Atlantic coast, there’s sufficient moisture to sustain plants like lichens, succulents, and shrubs.

Within the highlands from the Tibesti Mountains and Jebel Unweinat Mountains, rainfall is much more plentiful, and temperatures are lessened, so plants by way of example Tamarix, myrtle, oleander, acacias, and palms could be located even though inside the woodlands.


Accommodation in Sahara Desert Morocco Africa

Accommodations in Sahara Desert Morocco could be very cheap or extremely be expensive depending on the style of your journey. If you have a little budget, you may prefer to stay in a guesthouse or hotel that is reasonably priced and choose the private room than the dorm.

Medina Moroccan City Sahara Desert Africa
Sahara Desert Camp


Where to Stay in the Sahara Desert?

There are so many hotels, resorts, and camps that you can stay while visiting the Sahara Desert, but we provide the best and recommended hotels that you can book to stay in this desert.

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merzouga desert morocco Guesthouse
One of the Merzouga Camps

Transportations in the Sahara Desert

The closest town with Sahara Desert Morocco is Merzouga. Its location in the north and far enough away from the big city like Casablanca, Marrakech, and Tangier. Not difficult but also not easy toward to the hottest desert.

The transportation available is also not much. That’s why most travelers prefer to use the services of travel agents to enjoy the Sahara. The transportation within the city is no need except when I had to bus station or from the station to big.

  • Taxi: The taxi fare enough there’s a rate of about 1-3 USD.
  • City Bus: Intercity Bus services are usually superb, very professional, and the price is quite reasonable between 10-20 USD per person every time on trips. CTM is bus tour company that is highly recommended.

Sahara Desert Foods

If you are looking for food, you should try a meal at the traditional site than a tourist area; the food was very disappointing because there was no passion for the cooking or a strong flavor of the foods.

berber omelette food sahara desert morocco
Berber Omelette Food

Meanwhile, in places that are more traditional, such as Berber Omelette served on the side of Sahara Desert precisely in the Mhamid village.

The food in the main square of Marrakesh also counts, as long as it can find where that many visitors of local people. The food at these places also, of course, cheaper than expensive tourist restaurants.


Sahara Desert Attractions & Things to Do

There are not so many attractions that you can visit and there are not so many things to do that you can do in this hottest desert. So, you can read the details about these attractions and things to do in Sahara Desert Morocco in this section below.

Walking in Medina

Tourist activity in Morocco mostly in the market or Medina. In Fez, could try to tour around Medina. If you want to run itself is not a problem, but Medina is very complicated, busy and very challenging.

But if you choose to walk alone your satisfaction level may be low, even can’t get anything because you don’t understand what you look. We suggest following the package tour organized by the hotel with the guide.

Much of the information that you would get from the local people in the form of historic buildings would visit. But as the tour in general, participants will take to several shops in the hope to buy something, and the guide could get the commission. The tour price about 10 USD / Person for 3-4 hours.

Enjoy Sahara Desert Africa Tours

Sahara Desert Africa Tours is a tour that favorite activity by tourists and is prevalent among tourists here. Different people, different ways to enjoy this trip. Usually, visitors take this journey by following a tour package from a local person or Berber.

You can ride a camel, Berber people spend time together and stay in the Sahara desert. Enjoy the sunset on the list of the tour; you will stop when the afternoon in a wilderness area, and it’s time to enjoy the sunset. This unique experience you can enjoy in the Sahara Desert of Africa.

Night in Desert

When night, the tourists enjoy traditional Moroccan music or called Berber Music. Berber’s style dinner also you can get, namely Couscous and Tajin. In the morning, the tourists walking back home with camels while enjoying the morning air and desert sunrise panoramic.

When the morning weather would cool, different with the evening weather and the hot night weather. Something needs prepare when to enjoy Sahara Desert Afrika tour was sure to bring warm clothes for the morning.

Do not be surprised, no bathroom and toilet here, so bring cleaning wipes and enough water either for your drink or wash your face.

Siwa Oasis in the Sahara Desert

Siwa Oasis exact become tourist attractions for travelers who wish to find peace with dip a toe in the pool while drinking tea or enjoying shisha. Siwa is composed of many springs pool, but the most famous of all these springs is Cleopatra’s Bath, which has plain water and is a favorite bathing spot for locals.

Siwa Oasis Sahara Desert Africa
Siwa Oasis

In Siwa, free-flowing freshwater springs surrounded by a ton of olive trees, fruit, and palm trees, making it a cool shady place to protect the Mudbrick Village who also were there.

Currently, the number of independent travelers increased to Siwa. Siwa is the right place for those who want quietness in isolated areas with residents who defend their traditions.


Sahara Desert Additional Information

The currency that uses in the Sahara Desert Morocco is the dirham. If you are going to the Sahara, make sure you have cash, because there is no cash machine there. Beware, along with the road to the Sahara Desert, you will find many snatchers.

The primary language used is the Arabic language with Berber accents, many Moroccans know French, but few understand English. (Traveling Portals)

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