15 Best and Simple Packing Tips when Traveling

Simple Packing Tips when Traveling

Simple packing tips when traveling – What is the formula for packing quickly and more efficiently? Are you the type of person who often delaying packing because of laziness and finally just started packing before midnight while you have to set off at dawn with the morning flight?

Alternatively, you often run into problems because the clothes do not fit in a suitcase, confused chose to bring shoes or bags in which to lazy organize all the stuff you want to take it can fit into a bag. Relax, we have collected seven most practical packing tips that have been used by the ‘professional packer’.

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Best And Simple Packing Tips When Traveling

15 Best and Simple Packing Tips when Traveling

1. Make a list of the items you will packing. As often as you are traveling, do not forget to make a list of things would you take it before going. Well, apparently this little note is not only useful for a moment before you go but before you get back home as well.

Before going, you can ascertain what items you will need when traveling and to minimize the carryover of objects that are less important, whereas before returning this list serves to reduce the chance of your goods left behind at the inn. Trivial but important, huh?

Simple Packing Tips When Traveling
Simple Packing Tips when Traveling

2. Separate all the clothes you want to take traveling. Remove all the clothes you want to carry during the holidays. No need to figure out how long the day when you are going on vacation, just remove only as many clothes that you want to take for traveling, then divide between superiors, subordinates, dress, swimsuit, and so forth.

  • Find out the weather at your vacation destination through a weather app on your phone so that no one costume due to bring clothes that do not suit the season.

3. Sort items by the day. All the clothes you have to separate, sort by the number of vacation days and the kind of activity. Like, when you arrived there on a Friday, you will wear the clothes that suitable, and in the night, maybe you will make a dinner at a fancy place by using the appropriate clothes.

Then separate the two types of the garments for the day and so on by the schedule and how long your holiday will going.

If you are on vacation for a long time, more than two weeks, also consider bringing the clothes that you can wear again, so no need to bring lots of clothes.

  • For clothes that crease, put in the bag before folded to avoid tangles and wrinkles that made an impression.

4. Determine the accessories that will be taken. Now it’s time to choose accessories to clothes combined with the one you have selected, including shoes, handbags, belts, jewelry, hats, and other accessories. This step will avoid you to carry many accessories (especially bags and shoes) that are not needed.

  • Wrap bracelets and necklaces with plastic bags before being collected in a bag that is not mutually tangled and matted. Use of pill container (bottle pills or medicine) to store earrings.

5. Separate toiletries and cosmetics. Make sure all the equipment for the bath, body care and cosmetics stored in one’s pocket or small bag unique and waterproof so that if spilled, your clothes will not become tangled.

If your departing flight services, do not forget to keep toiletries that are larger than 100 ml in check-in luggage. Planning on traveling to Europe? Prepare zip lock bag because many airports in Europe requires all liquids and creams inserted into the bag.

  • Need to save moisturizer or sunscreen on cabin bag, but the size of the bottle of 100 ml? Take advantage of the soft lens case that you can get at the supermarket with low prices and use to store your favorite cream or lotion during the trip.

6. Fold or roll? These are two different tricks for packing much debated. Which is better? The answer is both (fold and roll). T-shirt, casual dress, and clothing with materials that do not crease should be tightly rolled up to save the space.

As for the shirts, formal dresses, and clothes are easy crumpled as usual should be folded and placed at the top of the pile. Similarly, the clothes that are heavy and thick, like the jeans, jacket or sweater that you can even overlay a pedestal just as the other clothes in the suitcase.

  • Take a look, the clothes are most severe or most take place in the bag? We recommend that you wear clothes on the way. This tip usually applies to jackets, jeans, and boots quite occur in the suitcase.
  • Confused how to pack a bra that does not occur and does not damage the cup? Stack all the bra into one, the contents of the cup part with other objects, such as underwear or accessories bag, then fold the bra by bringing together the two cup bra.

7. The position is determining the simple level. Do not just roll up, folding or overlaying. Locations for the placement of the clothes in the suitcase was somewhat significant. At the bottom part of the bag, just above the wheel, we recommend storing objects and clothes that are most severe.

Then place the objects lighter on it. This tip is to avoid heavy garments and choke other clothing and make it so tangled. Adjust the position of the items, so when the suitcase in a standing position, the objects that are under is the most heavy and lightweight clothes are on top.

  • Bring glassware, such as perfume? Put it in the thick socks or duplicate protected from impact.

8. Take advantage of the space. Find space in the suitcase, like on the sidelines of a pile of clothes to slip the belt even slippers. If you carry a spare bag in the suitcase, put your panties into it.

For the socks? Tucked into boots that you save a bag (or it could also be a pouch to store accessories).

  • Do not want to lug bags that are too big, try using holdall like this can carry a lot without sacrificing design and style.

9. Put the clothes that crease at the top. Done put clothes rolled up at the bottom of the bag, put on it the clothes that wrinkle or made smooth like a shirt or blazer. Prepare the clothes is one of the best and simple packing tips when traveling that must should prepare with perfectly.

10. Fold the long garments. When you bring a long-sized item, such as a skirt or trousers (which do not want you to fold or roll), fold half accordance with the length of the suitcase.

11. Avoid storing jewelry and valuables in a bag. Do not include jewelry and valuables in a bag, especially when put into the luggage trunk. Try to wear it only if it is indeed possible. If you are a real accessory user or at the destination later require jewelers to grooming, pack your jewelry in plastic and do not put in the suitcase, but in the handbag that you carry.

For jewelry is very valuable, it is better to use direct course that the risk of loss or theft while traveling. Of course, adjust to transport when going, the type of transportation you will ride later. If the plane, still considered safe enough to wear jewelry.

Best Packing Tips
Best Packing Tips

12. Do not carry many shoes. You can just select three types of footwear, one that is casual, sneakers or flat shoes and formal shoes. With a classification like this, you are not going to be confused when suddenly had to attend a formal event or taken to a place of recreation. Well, when you set out to use one of these three items, and the remaining two are put in the suitcase.

13. Tie the clothes that have been placed in the bag. More precisely, do not forget to always put the snake belt that must be in every suitcase to keep your packing. Do not forget, before the pair belt, cover with plastic clothes pile of dirty clothes to prevent your clothes soiled or wet.

14. Do not fill the bag. If all of the important stuff is entered into the bag but still leaves a space, do not add another bag with items not essential. Do not fill up your bag is full, let it be a space where you put the souvenirs will you take home.

Although not much, buy souvenirs also not wrong, right? And this tip is one of the best and simple packing tips when traveling or holiday that you should know.

15. Put the important stuff at different places. To avoid hassles unload bags while traveling, separate small items but important would you need all the time like a wallet, phone charger, passport, and others into a small bag that you will take anywhere.


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Best Packing Tips

Simple packing tips when traveling РThere are 15 best and simple packing tips when traveling for your holiday that must you know for better holiday and happier vacation.  Thanks for visiting our site and I hope your vacation goes better and happier.

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