Top 13 South Africa Tourist Attractions

South Africa Attractions

Popular South Africa Tourist Attractions – Before the World Cup event held in South Africa, not many people know that this country has several tourist attractions that are not less interesting than other nations.

The World Cup event becomes a tremendous impact for South Africa. Now a lot of visitors who came to visit a few places in the country. Those interested in visiting this country here’s some information about South Africa Tourist Attractions.


1. Durban Beach

The beach is famous in South Africa, challenging waves suitable for surfers. The beach is often called the golden beach. Durban cannot be missed in the list of travel. Durban also has a playground in the world’s No. 5 called Ushaka Marine World.

Beautiful & Popular South Africa Tourist Attractions
Durban Beach

There is a tank that was in the ship sinking. This course offers a different experience, in addition to the aquarium, there are restaurants, shops, and attractions of the show arena dolphins. Here you can see the animals cute and smart.


2. Table Mountain

This mountain has a flat surface like a table. You can hike and see the view from the top. Not sure why this mountaintop is flat.

Beautiful & Popular South Africa Tourist Attractions
Table Mountain

This mountain has been included in the list of New Seven Wonders. Since the entry in the list of many tourists who came to visit this mountain.


3. Robben Island

The island is located across from the Table Mountain. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned and exiled in the isle. Precisely in Cape Town where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years. You can visit this place to see a part of the life of Nelson Mandela.

Beautiful & Popular South Africa Tourist Attractions
Robben Island

After visiting the prison that became a silent witness Nelson Mandela, you can unwind on the beach in Cape Town. This beach has white sand, and you can play or swim at this beach.

4. Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is vast, inhabited by various wild animals are ferocious, and the meadow savanna becomes their habitat. This place is often the object of research, filming for educational facilities and sites of interest for tourists.

Beautiful & Popular South Africa Tourist Attractions
Kruger National Park

When you wish to take a walk in this park, you must be guided in a case when there is an attack from wild animals. Should not walk alone without supervision.


5. Garden Route

Garden Route in South Africa offers beautiful & stunning views. With the green scenery, the backdrop of cliffs, beaches, mountains, fresh air & lakes. You can relax on this site while enjoying a beautiful view of the vagaries of our nature.

Beautiful & Popular South Africa Tourist Attractions
Garden Route

This park stretches from Heidelberg to Storms River. One more place that must be visited is the Cango Caves which are made of limestone. In this cave visible basin land with towering circular formation.


6. Johannesburg City

In this town would look like the other side of South Africa prosperous and magnificent. The city is filled with modern and luxurious buildings. Various sights can be visited in this town like Golden Ref City. This place is an amusement park with the feel of mining life.

Beautiful & Popular South Africa Tourist Attractions
Johannesburg City

Johannes Art Gallery, in the gallery, can see a variety of paintings from South Africa and Europe. Rosebank Flea is the place to sell unique souvenirs of South Africa.


7. The Cradle of Humankind

Beautiful & Popular South Africa Tourist Attractions
The Cradle of Humankind

If you want to travel to the prehistoric, you can visit this place. Here there are fossils of human and animal skeletons of pre-history, there are also tools used in antiquity. We can learn the history of the ancestors here. Various new findings also continue to be made and stored here.

8. Soweto

If you want to know many things about the South African population with a culture that is still maintained until now, come to Soweto. They live a simple, but its simplicity makes them happy.

Beautiful & Popular South Africa Tourist Attractions

The goal for the next generation does not forget the traditions of their own. The normal population of South Africa is not only indigenous people but also the white population migrating.

The immigrant is a resident of Europe. You can buy handicrafts typical of this place. Inhabitants here also friendly to serve the tourists.


9. Cultural Village

In addition to the Soweto, you can also visit the cultural village. It is a useful educational tool. We can get to know the culture of others. Here will be presented various dances, songs, and other performances.

Beautiful & Popular South Africa Tourist Attractions
Cultural Village

Most of the residents there are still many who use their customary modest clothing. Remarkably in this modern age is still maintained the authenticity of their culture to their offspring.


10. Pretoria National Botanical Gardens

Beautiful & Popular South Africa Tourist Attractions
Pretoria National Botanical Garden

The vineyard is located in Pretoria. This garden is part of a national botanical garden of South Africa. You will find a variety of beautiful plants, and you can find typical South African plants in this beautiful garden.

This garden is built as a suggestion for a community of picnic. You can unwind by relaxing in this garden.


11. Sun City Resort

If you have more money, an excellent holiday at this place. Sun City Resort offers full facilities such as golf, swimming, parasailing, and another five-star hotel. Resort This could be an alternative for couples celebrating a honeymoon moments.

Beautiful & Popular South Africa Tourist Attractions
Sun City Resort

The resort is surrounded by forests and mountain views. Of course, the place is quiet and calm. Imagine traveled in luxury surrounded by a forest. Pretty impressive to you that deep-pocketed.


12. Cango Ostrich Farm

Beautiful & Popular South Africa Tourist Attractions
Cango Ostrich Farm

This tour offers knowledge about ostriches and ostrich industry. Visitors will be given the opportunity to see an ostrich egg. The trip takes about 20 minutes. Once finished the tour do not forget to buy souvenirs made from ostrich feathers.


13. The uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park

Beautiful & Popular South Africa Tourist Attractions
The uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park

This park has been entered as a world heritage site. The park is divided become three areas, namely the northern Drakensberg, the central Drakensberg the southern Drakensberg. You can enjoy the open space that has vast grasslands, caves, cliffs, animals, and plants native habitat and can see paintings made on rocks San tribes about 4000 years ago.

The Drakensberg has the 300 species of birds and 32 endemics to South Africa. Many activities can be done here such as fishing, hiking, and biking. In fact, each year the festival has always held some fishing, bikes, and biking. This place is worth the visit in South Africa.




Tourist Attractions in South Africa – So, after you read the article above, that can change your mind? Don’t miss that popular South Africa tourist attractions when going holiday to that beautiful country. Hope this article will help you & find what you want about South Africa tourist attractions.

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