10 Things to Know Before Visiting Hawaii

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Things to know about Hawaii – Hawaii is an island famous for its beautiful scenery and the beauty of the beaches. Most tourists come to this place is for a honeymoon purposes, with family or solo backpacker.

But, even though their goals are different, many things that should be known about Hawaii before traveling to Hawaii. There are so many things we can do in Hawaii, among others, is hiking, diving, snorkeling, and kayaking.

Hawaii is known as one of the popular tourist areas were pleasant. Even some attractions in Hawaii is very popular in America. Before your visit to Hawaii Island, should you need to find out some important things about Hawaii Island?

10 Important Things About Hawaii Must Know Before Visit
Important things you must know about Hawaii Island

Things to Know Before Going to Hawaii

Things about Hawaii before visiting – There are some things that you must know before visiting Hawaii and for us, these items below are the must-know things to know before you are going to Hawaii for vacation or moving to Hawaii.


1. Find out about climate in Hawaii

Hawaii is known to have little climatic variation. This makes excursions can be done almost throughout the year. Nevertheless, we still have to take into account the holiday season what is the most ideal. In mid-December and April, the number of tourists will increase sharply.

10 Important Things About Hawaii Must Know Before Visit
Aloha greetings from Hawaii beach

That’s why in this month’s lodging rates and travel costs soar. If you want a vacation to Hawaii with a lower price to choose a time in mid-April, mid-June and from September to the mid-December.

Best time to visit Hawaii Island:

  • April – June
  • September – December


2. Which the islands to visit in Hawaii?

The Hawaiian Islands which is composed of eight main islands and more than 130 smaller islands. Big Island is a tourist destination most visited. There are many things we can do there that’s why the Big Island was dubbed as the “best island in the world” by Conde Nast Traveler.

Additionally, you can visit the Maui which becomes a mandatory destination for newly married couples as a place for honeymoon couple. For enthusiast the panoramic sunset you can stay in Kauai that will provide beauty, as well as the rocky beach sunset, was charming.

As for those who want to enjoy the nightlife in Hawaii, come to Oahu which is filled with restaurants, bars, and clubs. Another island that loved is Lanai. The place is famous for its spas and luxury resorts that pamper guests. For enthusiasts of traditional Hawaiian culture, a good holiday to Molokai.


3. Plan your time and flight situation

Hawaii has 15 airports. The busiest airport is Honolulu International Airport on Oahu. Should be anticipated when making a trip to Hawaii is the travel time. To reach the island of Aloha, you need at least a 6-hour drive from the west coast of the United States.

The duration of the long journey if you are from the east coast of America which is 12 hours. If from the UK, then you have to sit on a plane for 17 hours.

Therefore be prepared to experience jet lag. Do not forget to consume mineral water to taste and bring a jacket or warm clothes.

4. Prepare the luggage

10 Important Things About Hawaii Must Know Before Visit
Things must pack

Although the temperature will not be less than 23° Celsius, you still have to bring a jacket or long sleeves. This point is to withstand the cold stage with aircraft when departing and explore the islands of Hawaii.

Also, do not forget to tuck into a suitcase swimsuits default. Do not until you spend the holidays at the beach because it did not bring swimsuits. Other items that must be taken is the sun cream or sunscreen.

The things you must prepare before traveling to Hawaii:
  • Jacket
  • Swimsuit
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Long sleeves
  • Camera
  • Hammock (not priority)


5. Plan the Inn

Before leaving you should plan on the location of the Inn during a vacation in Hawaii. If you and your family want to settle for playing on the beach, then there is nothing wrong if you choose a hotel that is on the waterfront.

If you want to try challenging activities like hiking, the inn chosen should be not far from that location. For those tourists who have a small budget, it could not hurt to choose cheap hotels spread throughout the archipelago.

If the lodging-related expenses can be saved in such a way so we can divert to other activities such as snorkeling, surfing, hiking or partying. Isn’t fun it?


6. Consider the activities that will be done in Hawaii

As a destination which is famous for its tourism appeal, we might be confusion began activities and visits to the region where the first. Start the journey to the island to relax.

One of the places suggested are the Kauai Coconut Coast, then watch surfing competitions in the North Shore of Oahu. Holiday activities you could be forwarded to climb the peak on Mauna Kea and visiting Maui.

Whatever destinations would you do not forget to make travel plans or itinerary details and planned?


7. Do not forget to taste the culinary in Hawaii

10 Important Things About Hawaii Must Know Before Visit
Hawaii culinary

There was plenty of Hawaii Culinary, from the traditional to the cuisine of other countries. You can taste Poi being the original dish of this island. We also could eat some dishes from other regions such as Japan and China. Everything is available in Hawaii.


8. Estimate the cost of the holiday in Hawaii

The cost of the vacation in Hawaii is more expensive compared to other states in the United States. This is because the location of Hawaii that is not readily available. This would make you feel if holidays during high season.

Therefore, make sure to plan finances as detailed as possible and avoid the holiday time in high season. The another important thing is to prepare cash outside the regular budget to anticipate things that are unexpected.

9. Know the rules in the Island of Hawaii

10 Important Things About Hawaii Must Know Before Visit
Clean me up!

While in Hawaii, one thing to note is the cleanliness and preservation of its nature preserve. Therefore, the conservation of the island is strictly maintained by the local government.

Therefore, when you are there, try not to do a variety of activities that can damage the environment. To improve security in this region, I wonder if you are going through a rigorous screening and inspection of your luggage when entering this tourist area.


10. The familiar word in Hawaii Island

A fun vacation to Hawaii not only to enjoy the beauty of nature. You also need to interact with the local people. To chat with residents better, you should know the following ten words.

Here are ten familiar words you must know in Hawaii:

  • Aloha. Aloha has the same meaning as ‘hi’ or ‘hello’. The word is commonly used for greeting the locals. But apparently this word also has another meaning, that is love, compassion, and kindness.
  • Mahalo. When sightseeing in Hawaii, you will often find a trash can with the ‘Mahalo’. Do not be mistaken. This word does not mean shit but ‘Thanks’.
  • Kokua. Kokua means of help. If sometimes you hear someone say “Mahalo for your Kokua.” this means “Thanks for your help.
  • Haole. Haole is the word to refer to foreign tourists. But in general, this word can also mean to white people.
  • Howzit? Want to ask how you are? Say “Howzit?”. The word is the same as “How are you?” in English.
  • Honu. If lucky, tourists who dive in the Hawaii Ocean is mainly to meet with Honu. That is the ‘Green Turtle’ which is endangered. Usually, locals call with Honu the word.
  • ‘Ohana. If the locals call you ‘Ohana, this means your family. This is because the word ‘Ohana means family but not a family of blood ties. The family here is intended as an expression of love and commitment in a particular group.
  • ‘Ono. Eating Hawaii and it turned out delicious? Say “‘Ono!”. Yes, it means delicious or tasty.
  • Wahine & Kane. This is the other words that are important to note. Wahine means women and Kane mean men. Usually, this writing is found in the toilet.
  • Lei. Often viewed Hawaii residents use flower necklace? It’s called Lei. (Traveling Portals)

Other things about Hawaii:


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