Top 5 Most Colorful Cities in the World

Most Colorful Cities & Towns in the World

Most Colorful Cities – Lots of interesting things in this world, so do not just sit at home alone. Starting from the beach, sea, and sights that we can visit for traveling.

Also, there are also things that make us so colorful soul. There are so many places in this world that have unique characteristics, one of the colorful cities.

This article will help you to find a few villages are unique and exciting and have a particular feature that is colorful. I’ll discuss top five most colorful cities in the world that you must see in the entire world. Happy reading and be a smart reader.


1. Riomaggiore, Italy

5 most colorful villages in the world

Riomaggiore Village

One of the countries full of artists in Europe is Italy. The proof is you can travel to Riomagiorre village in Cinque Terre, Liguria, Province of La Spezia. The present village of the 13th century is colorful!

Just imagine, every home and building in this community have a variety of colors. There are blue, green, red, yellow, orange, up to pastel colors like pink and turquoise were visible as long as you surrounding them.

Anyone will be amazed when coming here, even many a traveler who called it the most beautiful places in the world.

Riomaggiore Village - 5 most colorful villages in the world

Riomaggiore in Italy

Riomaggiore village is located in the valley and directly facing the Mediterranean Sea. You can walk along the edge of the cliff through the path, to sit on top while photographing the beauty of the village.

Hover your views to the oceans also pretty handsome. Not a few painters to come to this village for its beautifully painted canvas. Guaranteed, you’d fall in love with Riomaggiore. Numero uno!

2. Burano, Italy

Burano Villages - 5 most colorful villages in the world

Burano Villages in Italy

One more colorful village in Italy, the town of Burano on the island of Burano, Venice. On arrival at the island, a row of colorful houses will welcome you.

There are unique from the history of the colorful Burano village. Each house has each color there is not the result of work of the artist but from the locals. In the 6th century, the locals mostly fishers. Then, each out of their sail home because home is always lost there all the same shape.

Burano Villages - 5 most colorful villages in the world

Burano Village

Finally, they paint their houses with each color. There were yellow, green, red, blue, orange, purple and much more. As a result up to now, the houses in the village of Burano is colorful. Do not believe me, try for yourself!

3. Bo-Kaap, South Africa

Bo-kaap Village - 5 most colorful villages in the world

Bo-kaap Village in South Africa

Who knew, there are colorful villages in Africa. This place is the town of Bo-Kaap area of Cape Town, South Africa. According to history, the 16th century this village is the dumping ground of the slaves from the Netherlands.

We believe that they are coming from Indonesia and Malaysia. But now, Bo-Kaap into a beautiful tourist destination to visit. Why not, the houses on the roadside are all colorful, from orange, green, pink, yellow and others.

Also, the village is inhabited by a majority of the population is Muslim religion and so one of the most famous Muslim region in South Africa.

Bo-kaap Village - 5 most colorful villages in the world

Bo-Kaap Village

I wonder what the history and the first who started to paint the house with colorful here. To be sure, the village of Bo-Kapp always steal the hearts of the tourists who travel there.

4. Rainbow Family Village, Taiwan

Rainbow Family Village - 5 most colorful villages in the world

Rainbow Family Village

Perhaps, this is a colorful village unique in the world. Rainbow Family Village is a village which is on the outside of Taichung, Taiwan.

The village is filled with colorful and paintings on every corner, from the house, the walls up to the street. The artist is Huang Yung-Fu, he was dubbed as Rainbow Grandpa.

On most days, Grandpa Rainbow coloring the village in a piecemeal fashion. He made back village atmosphere shone with bright colors and various paintings. According to some sources, Granda painting village just because he was bored.

Rainbow Family Village - 5 most colorful villages in the world

Rainbow Family Village in Taiwan

But on the other hand, rumors that it was a way to keep he was from eviction. Why only Grandpa who now live there and stories of the village will be demolished to be rebuilt by the local government. But until now, the Rainbow Village is still a unique travel destination for tourists.

5. Gamcheon Culture Village, South Korea

Gamcheon Culture Village - 5 most colorful cities and towns in the world

Gamcheon Culture Village

If Greece had Santorini, then South Korea has Gamcheon. Villages that look beautiful and colorful. Suitable for visiting by lovers of photography as very photogenic!

If you visit South Korea would not hurt to stop by the city of Busan. The second largest town in South Korea has a unique village that can spoil the lovers of photography.

The village is known as the Gamcheon Culture Village, once the resettlement of refugees during the war.  But over time, the South Korean government to juggle this slum village became so beautiful as it is now.

All buildings in Gamcheon Culture Village painted in various colors, and some have written a painting or sculpture. This village certainly attracts the attention of travelers and photographers.

Gamcheon Culture Village - 5 most colorful villages in the world

Gamcheon Culture Village in South Korea

The village is also claimed as its Asian Santorini! Probably because the location of the village located in the hills. The village is also close to the coastline, could be reached for thirty minutes by public transport from the city center of Busan.

The village is quite extensive and can spend three to four hours to surround him. There is no charge just to walk around and take pictures in this village. In order not to get lost, I suggest a map at the information center.

Uniquely, behind the map, there is a challenge or mission that can be dealt with. We had to collect stamps at each of the main spots scattered in the village. If you’ve completed the mission, show the results of a seal to the clerk, and we will be given a postcard Gamcheon Culture Village.


Most Colorful Cities in the World

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