Top 10 Must See & Tourist Attractions in Ireland

The Best Tourist Attractions in Ireland

Top Ireland Tourist AttractionsIreland is one of the European countries that would have a long history. This country is neighboring directly with the British Empire.

With such a long tradition, of course, makes the culture and all the existing buildings on the ground have characteristics that will not be owned by any other country.

It would not hurt to write about Ireland destinations and must-see tourist attractions in Ireland that you must visit during the holiday period and proves yourself a rustic feel, natural attractions, and a diverse cultural festival.


1. Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher are located in the northern Lahinch, on the west coast of Claire, this cliff is one of Ireland’s most stunning. Cliffs of Moher is the highest cliff in Europe. This cliff is also the site of ancient buildings once used as a watchtower to keep the Viking invaders.

Top 10 Popular Ireland Tourist Attractions
A Dog enjoying charming Cliffs of Moher

From this vantage point, you can see Claire’s coastline, the Aran Islands, and mountains as far apart as Kerry and Connemara. Although this place will probably find it a little annoying for the children, whoever admire the stunning scenery will be fascinated by the beauty of the Cliffs of Moher.


2. Burren

Burren situated in the South and the North Clare and Kerry. One of the attractions here is a vast area that is covered with limestone.

Top 10 Popular Ireland Tourist Attractions
Burren National Park

Sounds boring? Instead, the Burren is a field other attractions in Ireland are shrouded in mystery. Plants growing in the Burren will not grow anywhere else in the world.

If you want to take advantage of your free time in the Burren to perform other activities, then you can try canoeing on the lake, or you can also explore the cave that is in this place.

3. Blarney Castle

One of the oldest and most historic castles in Ireland, and one of the sights in Ireland’s most famous, and is located in the Cork area. An ancient fortress MacCarthys, Lords of Muskerry, and one of the strongest fortress in Munster walls eighteen feet tall and also very thick.

Top 10 Popular Ireland Tourist Attractions
Blarney Castle

The famous of Blarney Castle is the ritual of kissing of Blarney stone at the top of Blarney Castle. Some local legend has it that kissing of Blarney Stone, it will bestow good fortune and will be out of any difficult situation.


4. Dingle

Situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in the southwest of Ireland, Dingle dazzling stretch overlooking Dingle Bay towards the Blasket Islands. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the pub while listening to traditional music played live.

Top 10 Popular Ireland Tourist Attractions
Dingle’s beautiful landscape

Every weekend and during the summer, a place to hang out for locals was packed with tourists. Another frequent visitor to come to the warm waters of the Gulf Stream in the town of Dingle is Fungi, dolphins became the city’s unofficial mascot.

Popular Dingle tourist attractions are included Beaches, Brandon Mountain and Ballydavid and Ballyferriter Villages.



5. Killarney

When visiting this place, I suggest to you that use the most comfortable shoes for exploring Killarney. The city is surrounded by foot, and every corner offers historical information.

Top 10 Popular Ireland Tourist Attractions
Killarney, one of popular Ireland tourist attractions

By foot, visit Ireland’s first national park, which consists of 26,000 acres of forest, sandstone mountains and low-lying lakes. When tired, browse through Killarney National Park by boat from Ross Castle.

Because Killarney has more hotels than any other city in Irish (besides Dublin), then you will not lack a place to rest your body.


6. Galway City, Ireland

For visitors, Galway was very fun because you can get around town on foot. Once arrived here, you have to trace the streets in the city. You will find a lively tavern, unique shops, and winding cobblestone streets are filled with students, artists, writers, and artisans.

Top 10 Popular Ireland Tourist Attractions
Galway road trip

In fact, you may also listen to the Gaelic language is used here. To enjoy the full day trip, try a ferry ride to the island of Inis Mor.

You will feel more energized because of the sea air and stunning scenery. Do not forget to use sunscreen if going to visit the island, even though it is cold.


7. Cork City, Ireland

Top 10 Popular Ireland Tourist Attractions
Cork City with aerial view

Take the time to cross many bridges when you are in Cork City. The third largest city in Ireland this was originally an island and now extends to both banks of the River Lee, with a water channel that flows under some main roads.

The best way to enjoy the hilly southern seaport is on foot, following the signpost through the Cathedral of St. Finn Barre and field University College on the river bank to the top of the hill towards the Church of Shandon red and white along the way, you will meet many townspeople who likes to talk.


8. Trip to Westport City, Ireland

Westport, city tourist destination for right family, offers the beautiful scenery, golf sports facilities, fishing place, sailing and the yacht tours, swimming at Westport Beach, hiking trails, and cycling.

Top 10 Popular Ireland Tourist Attractions
Westport City

Finally, to cap it all attractions are also available Pirate Adventure Park. All children will surely love, visit in September to witness the impressive Westport Arts Festival, suitable for all ages.

Additionally, Westport was the first city entirely shown in 3D on Google Earth, so you can relive all the memories of your computer after arriving home.

9. Tralee

Go into Tralee pub on one night, and you will be treated to a lively session of traditional music that is violinist and guitarist as well as the bearded men drinking and stomping to the rhythm.

Top 10 Popular Ireland Tourist Attractions
Tralee Landscape

Women usually do not drink too much. For those of you womenfolk, certainly wants to look still beautiful and exciting to attend the annual Rose of Tralee festival, which will be crowned as the winner of the pretty girl. Then what is the duty of the winner? Represent Ireland to the world.


10. Kilkenny City

Top 10 Popular Ireland Tourist Attractions
County Kilkenny

Kilkenny is older than 400 years but did not outdated. This city is full of cathedrals, castles, monasteries, and other large stone buildings are very charming, but the party never ended in Kilkenny.

Festival-themed art theater, comedy, bluegrass music, and dance the endless always color the city with a new atmosphere, the spirit of the surge, and an international feel. County Kilkenny is one of must-see Ireland tourist attractions. (Traveling Portals)

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