Top 9 Poland Tourist Attractions

Best Poland Tourist Attractions – For those who love nature and leisure, tourist attractions are their snacks every day. Especially for You already exploring overseas several times, of course, an attractive tourist spot has become necessary food to eat.

The latest place by nature lovers usually considered to be more fun than the places that have been or frequented. Usually, most people choose a unique and comfortable place to relax, in addition to having a good view. Usually, sets a unique and beautiful also store their memories.

Choosing a place for recreation is not easy especially for lovers of travel that should be specific to the places they visit. They prefer to visit the overseas areas that they have never visited before. Choosing a place for recreation abroad is a very tempting alternative, but the risk is also covered quite large.


The Best Tourist Attractions in Poland

Poland Tourism – However, that You visit was not complete if you have not attended the grand tours in Poland.

Where is Poland Located? Poland is a republic country located in Central Europe bordered by Germany to the west of Oder-Neisse line, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia in the south, Russia (Kaliningrad), Lithuania in the northeast and Belarus and Ukraine to the west (Curzon Line).

Administratively divided into 16 provinces, which in English is called voivodship or Województwo in Polish. Each area is divided into several Powiat (sort of districts and each Powiat divided into several Gmina, sort of regions in Poland. In this state also saved a lot of beautiful places, below we will provide some of the best tourist attractions in Poland that you must visit during your visit for Poland Tourism.


1. Bieszczady Mountains

Top 9 Beautiful Poland Tourist Attractions 2017
Bieszczady Mountains

A romantic paradise for nature lovers. Soft green mountains are peppered with a traditional wooden church are one of the most isolated areas in European Continent. Amazing wildlife and beautiful scenery make it the best travel destination. Bieszczady is the most beautiful in the summer and autumn, whereas, during the winter season they invite the fans of skiing.

2. Czestochowa City

A small city of Czestochowa lies in the heart of Krakowski- Czestochowska Upland, the region is characterized by beautiful Jurassic rocks. Czestochowa is associated with Jasna Gora Monastery which is the biggest in the country where Mary’s Polish.

Top 9 Beautiful Poland Tourist Attractions 2017
Czestochowa City

For the majority of the Polish population is an important pilgrimage destination and a main shrine of the Virgin Mary. This icon known as Black Madonna of Czestochowa crowned in 1656 as the Queen and Protector of Poland is credited with many miracles. This is a unique place that you should not miss when you visit the Polish State.


3. Gdansk (Danzig)

The Maritime city is popularly used as a holiday tour. Located across the sea, this place has a gentle climate and beautiful beaches. A famous beach resort with names Sopotada and nearby, there is also an exclusive architecture of the Old Town, including the largest & beautiful brick Gothic church in the world that is not in doubt.

Top 9 Beautiful Poland Tourist Attractions 2017
Gdansk (Danzig)

Gdansk is often used to change hands, and in 1980 it was to witness the birthplace of the Solidarity movement in social people, which brought the end times of Communism. So this place is the best place for the historic Polish State.


4. Krakow (Cracow)

Top 9 Beautiful Poland Tourist Attractions 2017
St. Mary’s Basilica and birds flying in Krakow

Krakow is one of the best tourist attractions in Europe. Most guests were captivated by a magical atmosphere and beautiful architecture. In Krakow, you can see the Renaissance Castle, Medieval Cathedral, Baroque Church, Art Nouveau Theater and other monuments. But don’t think that Krakow is limited to the monuments and museums.

Thanks to the incredible density of various bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants, Krakow able to become one of the best tourist areas in Europe, especially during the warmer seasons.


5. Malbork (Marienburg)

Top 9 Beautiful Poland Tourist Attractions 2017
Malbork (Marienburg)

The Teutonic Order or more commonly referred to Malbork was founded around 1190 in Palestine to crusade. In the 14th century, the Teutonic Knights defeated a pagan tribe for Kingdom of Prussians and moved their offices from Venice City to Malbork City on the Nogat river which is now located in northern Poland.

A trace of their presence in the city is the red brick castle from 1274 are impressive, situated on the banks of the river, which is the largest Gothic fortress in Europe.


6. Masurian Lakes

For sailing lovers, fishers, hikers, cyclists and those seeking tranquility, the Masuria is the number one tourist destination that can be visited in Poland. When you visit Poland, don’t miss this lake, because these destinations become beautiful Poland tourist attractions.

Top 9 Beautiful Poland Tourist Attractions 2017
Masurian Lakes

Besides water sports and wandering around, you can also explore the many historical sites. There are many castles in Reszel, Nidzica, and Gizycko, the amazing Baroque church in SwietaLipka and Hitler’s war headquarters in the forests near Ketrzyn.

7. Oswiecim (Auschwitz)

Top 9 Beautiful Poland Tourist Attractions 2017
Oswiecim Poland

The simple provincial city of Oswiecim, better known by its German name of Auschwitz is a witness to a high crime caused by humans. During World War II in which the largest Nazi extermination of around 1.5 million people was killed.

An awful exhibition in the former camp makes the visitors rethink the basic ideas of humanity and dignity. It is also a historic place and one of the best Poland Tourist Attractions.


8. Tatra Mountains

This mountain is the highest mountain range between the Alps and the Caucasus. Rocky is the name of snow-covered peaks of the mountain is going on throughout the year, sharp mountains, beautiful pools, waterfalls, and valleys make this place supposedly the most spectacular in Poland.

Top 9 Beautiful Poland Tourist Attractions 2017
Tatra Mountains

About 250 kilometers of roads and various of climbers and the slopes will satisfy the most demanding skier. A residence in the town of Zakopane at the foot of the mountains is recommended to those who love and admire the beautiful scenery and culture of indigenous people.


9. Warsaw

These tourist attractions are the capital city of Poland. Reconstructed after World War II practically from the beginning. Catchy skyline is one part of this place is still dominated by the Great Palace of Culture and Science and the contributions Stalin. This capital city is one of the beautiful Poland tourist attractions from past until now, and maybe in 2017.

Top 9 Beautiful Poland Tourist Attractions 2017
Warsaw City

Warsaw is a big place with an East European flavor. Warsaw is a big world with a sense of Eastern Europe. Do not miss the beautiful Old Town and Royal These time you visit this place.

The nine tourist attractions in the article above are the most beautiful tourist attractions in Poland. These places often visited by many foreign tourists and would be pride for the people of Poland. For you who are curious about the Polish state, You can try to visit one of these tourist attractions, or all of them.

You must have the courage to taste exciting tourist attractions to get rid of boredom and the daily routine. So at a glance description of tourist attractions in Poland. Hopefully, this article useful and helpful in knowing the ins and outs of this beautiful country. (Traveling Portals)

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