Top Attractions in Venice

Venice Tourist Attractions – Venice Attractions is the consummate magician, said Cristian Bonetto on his blog about how much he adores and loves Venice, Italy. It is magically beautiful how Venice could turn the marble palaces into peaceful fogs, and even the most pedestrian people turn into the magical, masked creatures.

If you ask about the reason why Venice Italy is famous around the world, you can get tons of answers. There are many places, cuisines, and lots of mesmerizing Venice attractions that you cannot be missed and a lot of things to do in Venice. Moreover, Venice is called as the romantic city in the world with many major tourist attractions in Venice.


The Endless Venice Attractions in Italy

Venice Attractions in Italy
Venice, Italy

And don’t ask me for what to see in Venice and what to do in Venice, let’s start with the first place in Venice attractions is San Marco. For the center, the attraction is Basilica and Piazza. Most of Venice’s attractions are placing here. You can find Campanile, Teatro La Fenice (opera house), Doge’s Palace, Fabbricatore and much more. Furthermore, you can see the major’s sights attraction of this city there.

The next place as Venice tourist attractions is The Grand Canal or Canalasso in Venice is one of water-traffic in the town. Venice is a city of small islands. It needs waterways to reach one place to other locations. The public transport is provided by Vaporetto or water buses that we can call as a Venice tourist attraction.

Tourists can explore a beautifully breathtaking Venice by this water transportation called Gondola. You simply can see Venice’s attractions by taking the ride on it. On the right side, you will see Ponte Della Liberta, Canal of Santa Chiara, Ponte Della Costituzione, Piazzale Roma Vaporetto station, etc.

Then, it is Carnevale as one of the things to see in Venice. It is the world’s biggest and most famous mask party which located in San Marco, Venice, Italy. It has existed since the Middle Ages, but it personally official in the 18th century.

Today, the professional wear costumes and occupy the center spots. The visitors love it the most. They can join the mask party or just watch it around. Slip your mask and let’s join the Carnevale as one of the top things to do in Venice! Keep reading guys.


Venice Tourist Attractions: Best Choices for Travelling

Venice attractions are not finished here. With those pleasant views, places, and parties, now it is the time for Cuisine de Veneto as one of the major attractions in Venice. No matter how beautiful the view is, there is still something missing if you haven’t tasted the foods and beverages from Venice.

Venice Attractions in Italy
This is Venice Attractions – Enjoy the beautiful view!

The most known dishes are baicoli, fritole, pinza is a cornmeal cake and mixing dried fruits with nuts. The last but not least is Xaleti. It is cornmeal biscotti with raisins.

Moreover, there is also a super fresh gelato. And most Venetians agree that the most delicious gelato is serving in Boutique del Gelato. The crowd is never down; you need to be patient to get the best gelato in town. It’s all worthc the wait!

Venice is one of the best choices for traveling in Italy. It served the pleasures start from fascinating views, museums of arts, great churches, fashionable shops, hotels and delicious cuisines. Arguably Europe’s most exciting country, it charms visitors with irresistible foods, amazing architecture, diverse scenery, and magical arts.

However, it will leave you in shock because the trip to Italy is surprisingly affordable. Many quintessential Venetian experiences are completely blissful. Venice attractions will never stop here and if you want to be read about another side of Italy, read here > Florence Attractions.

For now, just it that I can write about Venice destinations (Traveling Portals), keep in touch and I will update a ton about this places. Be a smart reader, guys. See you!

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