What is Travel Insurance? Benefits & Policies

What is Travel Insurance – Holiday is an activity that is loved by everyone, in particular for those who have a fixed schedule in their day-to-day operations.

For those busy people, vacation time must be used exclusively and quality. Some people choose to travel abroad to fill their holiday time alone or with your travel partners.

Before going for the holidays, usually, we will prepare some important preparations and one of our best travel tips such as permission for leave, air tickets bookings, and the venue, check the readiness of passports and visas, as well as sign up for travel protection, health insurance, travel medical and your travel insurance plan.

Travel insurance is used for emergency purposes if when going out of the country, things happen that are not desirable to you. This protection is crucial to consider before making a trip abroad so that your journey comfortable and not feel alarmed.

The article below will discuss Definition, Exceptions & Benefits of Travel Insurance, so for you, that want to make the trip must know about travel insurance information.

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What is the definition of Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance definition – Travel insurance is an insurance protection required by the people who will be going abroad to protect them from risks during the trip as your travel guard. Travel insurance for traveler during the holidays is crucial, particularly in Europe.

Beneficial of travel insurance to protect you during domestic and international travel, whether for business or leisure, throughout the year. These services may apply to individuals as well as couples and or families and with any travelers age.

Definition, Exceptions & Benefits of Travel Insurance

Because of the importance of trip insurance, some nations to make one of the requirements to apply for a visa to the country is to have overseas travel insurance that can bear a certain minimum amount.

One of them is the time to go to countries that have a Schengen visa, which visa requirements for some European countries such as Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and more. Therefore, some insurance companies ultimately provide a special package based on the destination country.

As domestic travel insurance packages for travel within the country, ASEAN packages when traveling to the countries of Southeast Asia, Asia packages for travel to Asian countries, European travel insurance packages to Europe, and comprehensive packages for travel throughout the world.

Travel insurance begins to bear from behind the plane, lost baggage, accident until a health risk to have to do maintenance on your holiday location attended. A travel insurance policy provides a variety of benefits that suit your needs while traveling.

Therefore, insurance plans services have been developed to give you peace during the journey. Your travel insurance will provide many benefits for the protection and comfort on land or in the air, used cars, motorcycles, yachts, aircraft, jet, etc.


The Benefits of Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Benefits – Travel insurance or trip insurance is required for a traveler to protect them from risks during the trip. Of course while on vacation you should not feel alarmed the occurrence of unexpected hazards.

Definition, Exceptions & Benefits of Travel Insurance

In general, the benefits of travel insurance policies is to protect the traveler against the following matters and will be very useful to save your trip costs.

1. Defense of accident risk

These protections include reimbursement if there is the potential for death, loss of limb, or total paralysis from an accident that occurred during the traveling.

2. Dual protection for commercial aircraft accident in schedule

Compensation for personal injury will be doubled if the crash occurs while traveling on a scheduled flight.

3. Emergency medical reimbursement

If you get sick during the trip, travel insurance offers the benefits of emergency treatment as your health insurance and travel medical plan.

4. Repatriation if occurred risk of death

Insurance can protect the insured for the two alternatives of protection include the cost of repatriation or cremation or burial at the location where the death occurred, as well as your travel medical.

5. Childcare and funeral visits relatives in single or family

Insurance can provide funeral reimbursements visitor during the treatment given to a person or family relatives if the insured undergoing treatment during the trip or care abroad.

6. Medical evacuation

Travel insurance offers a 24-hour emergency assistance worldwide. Medical evacuation and travel medical is offering by insurance plans service and one of the travel insurance benefits.

7. Protection baggage & personal

In a case of loss caused by the loss and damage to your baggage, including the items in it as well as items that you wear during the trip, the travel insurance will give compensation if there is a delay of luggage for more than 12 hours. Lost items on plane baggage are one of the travel insurance benefits.

8. Travel related

If you join a travel insurance program, one of the benefits offered is the protection of the trip delay (usually transport delays of over 12 hours), the replacement of advances sunk due to matters beyond the control of the policyholder and the accommodation costs.

9. Home protection

In a case of a disaster such as the fire in your home, during traveling, the travel insurance will pay damages due to the fire in the house of the insured who left empty because the trip is made. Home protecting is one of the benefits of travel insurance.

10. Trip cancellations

Your travel insurance plans also cover your trip cancellations but not for cancel for any reason. Your cancellation insurance will cover this thing, and there are many more insurance benefits that will mention by your insurance provider or your travel agents.


Exceptions On Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Exception – Participating an insurance program is relatively easy, especially with the increasing number of online an insurance broker, however, understanding the benefits of insurance are often not so good. Insurance services, as well as any exceptions, of course, have an insurance claim on a particular situation.

Definition, Exceptions & Benefits of Travel Insurance

The example, if you have an accident that requires you to treat at a local hospital, you may rest assured that you have travel protector, but due to certain circumstances, the insurance claim is not accepted by the treating hospital.

Do not immediately blame the insurance companies or hospitals, because it could be the cause is a state when you have an accident outside the scope of the insurance policy. Some everyday things that become a travel insurance exclusions will discuss below:

1. Get accident on illegal activities

Accidents or illness experienced by a person who entered into the influence of alcohol and drugs. Get drunk and taking drugs was included in the category of something that is illegal in some countries.

Moreover, if you are intoxicated while driving a vehicle or do something dangerous if done in an unconscious state. In a case of unwanted things like a traffic accident, while driving drunk, most hospitals will not accept your insurance claim.

Because this thing is to consider as a personal fault, so think again if you want to drink to get drunk. This accident is one of travel insurance exceptions.

2. Perform a deliberate crash

What intentional here means is if you intentionally make yourself wretched to earn money from trip insurance. Although it is rarely the case, it should still be your concern and do not ever try it.

Perform a deliberate crash. What intentional here means is if you intentionally make yourself wretched to earn money from travel protector.

Although it is rarely the case, it should still be your concern and do not ever try it. This accident is one of travel insurance exceptions.

3. Force majeure conditions

The condition of force majeure also will not make your insurance claim will be disbursed. Force majeure is a condition beyond your capabilities, for example, you get caught up in a riot or unrest in the country you go.

If you were injured, you would not get an insurance claim even if you are in that situation accidentally. For that, as much as possible stay away from the conflict area on vacation and do not engage in any form of unrest in a country.

If you are sick before the trip and you are desperate to ignore the doctor’s advice, then your insurance will not be liquid. The reason is obvious, ignoring the doctor’s advice. Force majeure is one of travel insurance exceptions.

4. Pregnancy & miscarriages accidents

Then is a pregnant, and miscarriages. Even though you had a miscarriage in the destination country, you still will not get insurance claims because of the beginning of a long trip during pregnancy is already a significant risk.

Learn the first terms of the travel insurance that you remain protected during a journey abroad. This term is one of travel insurance exceptions.

5. Professional sport accidents

If you are involved in professional sports, such as car racing, you should find it an insurance if you want to protect when the following professional sports while abroad.

Involved in the sports event and paid when taking a walk is an exception for travel insurance. So for the athlete, this sports accident is one of the travel insurance limitations. (Traveling Portals)

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