Best Tips for Traveling when Rainy Weather

Traveling when Rainy Weather – Rain is not the best friend of the traveler. The reason is not that in, such an environment like this, the rain will mess up everything. A beautiful view disappears, the missing traveling mood could even make sick anyway. It is up to us will go traveling or not at a time like this. However, instead of wasting time with the rain, might as well get out.

Traveling in the rain is not much recommended for many things. However, on the other hand, going in a time like this could be a pretty good experience.

We used to enjoy everything as bright, but probably not always when the rain, right? Well, why does not hurt to continue the spirit of traveling despite the arrival of the rainy day?

However, before actually deciding going when it rains, many things must be considered. Especially specific items that can save us from the rain. So, what the heck objects that must be taken while traveling in the rain? Read the ‘tips for traveling when rainy weather‘ article below.

Best Tips for Traveling when Rainy Weather

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1. Rain jacket became the first things that should be taken

Keeping your body dry obligatory when traveling while the weather is rainy. So, that must be considered first is a preventive action. The trick is to wear a rain jacket.

By wearing these, secured the body will stay dry. No need to worry as well about fashion a problem because of rain jacket now many fashionable. Time to buy note does not forget about the materials because after all, it is the most important.

2. Raincoat for bags shall also be taken

Not only keep the body remains dry, but we must even consider the same thing for the goods carried. So, for that, we need a raincoat. Typically, this coat is already available a package with a bag. However, otherwise, we could buy it separately.

3. Bring some ziplock bags

Although it is already protected by the raincoat, it does not mean we can be 100% sure that the luggage would be safe. Assume if anything could happen. For that prepare well zip lock bags especially to put gadgets or relevant documents that we may bring.

Why use ziplock? Because these bags are cheaper with maximum function. Can also still buy some unique waterproof bag, but the prices are usually higher.

4. The shoes should also be considered

Needless to bet it will rain or not while we are in the rainy season. So, do all the preparations before going out, and therefore the shoes are also a thing that you should consider.

It would be very uncomfortable if we walk around with shoes that it is full of water due to rain. Best advice, of course, chooses the waterproof boots.

If you do not have it, can work around this by spraying with use silicon spray. With that, the rainwater will not seep through it but only just. However, it depends on the model and material the shoes we wear.

5. Poncho or umbrella could be the last option

You may wonder, why not bring a poncho or umbrella? The answer is not because with some stuff on top of our already safe enough. May still carry these two items if necessary. However, sometimes, you know is not enough umbrellas to protect from the rain. Moreover, the type of rain is quite substantial.

Not to mention would be a burden that is like obsolete. Poncho also a good choice, but regarding fashion is not recommended. Yes, wear it only makes us look bad. Unless maybe we did not bring anything to protect the body.

May apply on behalf of functionality. There are plans to traveling in the next few days? Well, do not forget to bring some stuff over because we are at the peak of the rainy season.

On the one hand, the rain did not make the spirit, but that can take advantage of the bad things could be otherwise. Come on traveling and use this tips for traveling when rainy weather. (Traveling Portals)

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