Best Traveling While Pregnant Tips by Expert

Traveling while Pregnant SafelyTraveling during pregnancy would require such a way that the trip is safe but its fun.

So far there are no complications or pay more attention to the condition of your womb, generally traveling for pregnant women in the early phase of pregnancy is safe.

No particular reason you have to cancel your travel plans unless your doctor advised you not to travel. Here are some tips that you can be traveling during pregnancy with tips travel safely for pregnant women below.

Traveling During Pregnancy

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1. Go to the obstetrician

Be sure to do a check-up to the obstetrician before traveling while pregnant. Do not leave before you get a medical examination from a doctor.

If possible, have the pregnancy travel insurance to protect you from a variety of possibilities that may occur, such as medical care when giving birth, give birth prematurely, and the cost of the return trip schedule changes if you suddenly give birth at the destination.

The best possibility to do this point is you know when should you stop traveling when pregnant, and that is the best tips given by the doctor for you to do traveling while pregnant.

And don’t forget to ask many things that guarantee your pregnancy travel will go safely, like can you fly while pregnant or can you go on a cruise while pregnant or how long can you fly when pregnant.

2. Choose the right traveling time

If there are no complications in the womb, the best moment to travel is during the period of the 14th and 28th weeks of pregnancy. Find out what health care facilities that are at the destination, in case if you need urgent medical attention.

Also, it is advisable to bring medical remarks that you may provide relevant information about the history of pregnancy to the doctor if necessary.

3. Comfort is the priority

Considering you two entities, you should use the timely completion. For example in choosing footwear, use the shoes or sandals with the right price. Use comfortable clothes, find a material that can absorb sweat so that you do not overheat.

While on the road, try to relax and do not tense. Find a comfortable position to sit. Think about things that are positive. Remind people that drive to be more careful, ask her to avoid holes or damaged roads, so that your trip is not interrupted.

Music can make a pregnant woman more relaxed, besides music also can give peace to the baby. Listen to the slow music, while enjoying the journey.

4. Always bring foods and drinks

Do not travel with an empty stomach, especially if you are experiencing “morning sickness”. Bring some snacks to prevent nausea. Because traveling during pregnancy you never know when you become hungry.

Also, choose meals that are nutritious and certainly not harmful to your womb. For drinking, select bottled water to make it more practical and guaranteed quality.

5. Choose the best pregnancy travel insurance

Choose travel insurance for your travel so that pregnant women are not burdened with the thought that you do not want.

Travel insurance can be said to be your priority when you traveling while pregnant moment, especially pregnant women. For information on travel insurance, you can read articles pertaining to travel insurance below.

6. Tips when doing land traveling while pregnant

Next tips for traveling while pregnant when doing land traveling is to be sure to choose a comfortable vehicle. But still, make a short trip and avoid long trips. Roads can be very tiring, so the limit is driving no more than 5-6 hours per day.

Wear a seat belt correctly to ensure you from sudden jolts. If you need to choose a car that has the airbag and activate the airbag at all times.

Stay away as possible from the dashboard to avoid collision with the stomach at any time if there is an accident or sudden braking. Rest every two hours. Stop the car and stretch around the car. Relax for a moment to eat, drink and urinate.

If you had to choose a bus or train, decide to travel by train. Messages in the aisle seat, so you are easy to the toilet for pregnant women quickly urinate. Do not carry suitcases or luggage yourself, ask someone else to take your bag.

7. Tips when doing air traveling

Can pregnant women fly? This is probably the safest way to traveling while pregnant or flying while pregnant. The aircraft has a cabin with enough oxygen tension, so you do not have to worry about losing breath while at altitude. However, it should be done when ordering tickets and please inform the clerk about your pregnancy.

Some airline may ask for a medical certificate if the journey is over the age of 30 weeks of gestation. Choose a chair with enough space for your legs to make it easier if you want to rise to the restroom.

If you are a bit worried about the metal detector at the airport, not to worry, that tool is not harmful the baby. The moisture in the air was so quiet that you need to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, in particular on a long flight.

Move your feet every 15 minutes given a pregnant woman having a seizure due to clots in the leg veins due to prolonged sitting. Such as by straightening legs, twisting an ankle, move the thumb. That tips are given by the pregnant doctor for flying when pregnant.

8. Tips when doing sea traveling

Do you travel by sea? Try as much as possible not to choose the type of sea travel. It can make your stomach shaken, and you were clearly uncomfortable.

However, if you must, make sure there is a doctor onboard, and the ship had enough medical facilities to overcome your discomfort. Ships usually have security guidelines for pregnant women, meet this special officer to make your trip more comfortable.

If you are worried about seasickness, prepare vomit bag or carry a bag of candy ginger to reduce nausea. Use these safest tips for traveling while pregnant women when you’re traveling and find your comfort zone during pregnancy. (Traveling Portals)


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