Victoria Park: Beautiful Place to Visit in Charlottetown

Beautiful Place to Visit in Charlottetown

Victoria Park, Charlottetown РThe park is breathtaking to feel. Unfortunately passed by you if it was on a trip to the city of Charlottetown, Canada. Victoria Park is located directly adjacent to the sea. Just imagine, you can take a leisurely walk to enjoy the beauty of the sea in the middle of the green grass.

Victoria Park is one of the most beautiful parks and popular among travelers who come to visit the city of Charlottetown. Initially, in 1873, Governor William Cleaver Francis Robinson gives responsibility to the town of Charlottetown to take care of 40 hectares of farm fanning bank for purposes of research or teaching related to the world of plants. Similar activities to this very day still do but are growing as a city park, where sports and recreation park.

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Enjoy Beautiful Sunset in Victoria Park, Charlottetown

Victoria Park, Charlottetown, Canada – Many residents and tourists who spend their holidays in this beautiful park. Here they can do a lot of fun things, such as along the urban forest, walking by the sea, playing ball diamonds, tennis, horse riding, playing in the children’s playground, swimming in the pool, lounging in the green open space or simply to see the flowers that are blooming. Not infrequently, this park is also used as a venue for special events.

A very good time to visit Victoria Park, Charlottetown is when the weekend. The beauty of the park and the atmosphere that was created became one of the main attraction for anyone who comes to visit. This park looks so neat, green grass, sea, and forest view Victoria Park as complementary to create a stunning scenery. In the forest area, there are many large trees that grow fast, such as the Arboretum.

Beautiful Sunset At Victoria Park, Charlotte Town, Canada
Beautiful sunset at Victoria Park, Charlotte Town, Canada

Woody plants are commonly used as a destination for scientific, educational and ornamental plants. To find out and learn more about the types of plants that exist in this park, you can also follow the tour around Victoria Park. To protect forests, since 2006 Victoria Park has been doing forest restoration activity that aims to protect forests from extinction.

Beside rich in plant species, Victoria Park also has several animal species that may rarely encounter the salamander and crows. Salamander can be found in a pond located in the garden area. Salamander eggs are seen floating in the pool. While crows are flying around freely in the backyard area.

Victoria Park, Charlottetown is open to the public at any time and free of charge to visit. To reach it you can use T3 Transit. Victoria Park is the beautiful place to visit in Charlottetown, so you won’t miss this place when you visit Canada on your holiday with family or alone.

Morning View At Victoria Park, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Morning View At Victoria Park, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada


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