Best Winter Vacation Packing List for Honeymoon

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Honeymoon Winter Vacation Packing List

Winter vacation packing list for honeymoon – Honeymoon in December is most appropriate if you are planning to visit the country that is in cold season as to Japan, South Korea, or several countries of Europe and America.

Particularly for people who are accustomed to living in the tropics. You can enjoy the view of snow couple certainly made a memorable honeymoon.

But be careful, do not let the dream of enjoying the beauty of the winter country, turned into a nightmare due to the preparation of a vacation is less mature.

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Best Winter Vacation Packing List for Honeymoon
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Best Winter Vacation Packing List for Honeymoon

Winter honeymoon – Bring the following items so that your honeymoon in the winter still run smoothly. Below listed winter vacation packing list for honeymoon that must you bring to make comfortable honeymoon when winter season.

1. Hats

These objects will be very useful in cold weather. Choose manifold cap skullcaps that covered the ears and back of the neck. Better when the cap is selected from thicker materials such as wool or polyester fleece that can warm the head.

2. Earmuffs

When skullcaps or hats are not enough to protect the body from the cold weather, you need to bring earmuffs. Considering the ears is also part of the body that are sensitive to the environmental temperature.

3. Boots

Protect feet from cold weather by wearing sturdy shoes and comfortable. Select the type of ankle boots are highly recommended for cold weather. It’s better if the shoes do not have laces that need to be tied so that you do not bother to tie up when walking. For color options, find the dark to cover the stains on the shoes.

4. Lip balm

Makeup equipment is not only beneficial for the women but also men. In winter, lip balm serves to prevent the symptoms of dry lips and chapped.

5. Jackets

That said, the jacket is an object must be taken during the winter. Choose a jacket that is made of polyester fleece, wool, or the goose is good for protecting the body from the cold weather. For the selection of models, find the appropriate style and taste to still look fashionable.

6. Gloves

The best material for winter gloves is kind of leather or polyester fleece. In the extreme winter, gloves with a layered design just might not be enough to protect your hands from freezing.

7. Medicines

Especially for you who have an allergy to cold or allergic rhinitis. Of course obligatory to bring these medicines to anticipate allergy attack.

Other medicines, you can make the type of reliever fever, flu, or heated liniment to treat diseases that often arise due to cold weather.

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