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Top 22 Most Romatic Cities in the World

Most Romantic Cities in the World – When exploring the city by yourself maybe be is fantastic and makes the experience a more beautiful, but some of these places would be fantastic if there is someone on your side.

Stealing a kiss under a bridge or in a charming stone alley, the road winding through the lush gardens to candlelit dinners were fantastic, the following cities offer a wealth of experience that exudes romance and charm.

Choose the city that you want to visit with your partner for a romantic getaway was fantastic. This article will help you to find the romantic destinations and romantic places in the world that will be popular in 2017.

Top 22 World's Most Romantic Cities 2017

Top 22 world’s most romantic cities 2017

What is the most romantic city in the world? All of the lists below are the results of the survey team selection. If you think there are still places that I have not mentioned, you allowed to comment on this article, and we’ll add your suggestions to this posting. Happy reading the article ‘Most romantic places in the world in 2017’ and be smart readers.


1. Paris, France

Who does not know about the romance of Paris? City for lovers with scrumptious food, wine and feel of an enjoyable. A romantic dinner with candlelight near the Eiffel tower, walking arm in arm along the Champs Elysees or a picnic in the park. Paris gives romance and beauty for a couple who fall in love for centuries.

Top 22 World's Most Romantic Cities 2017

Couple in Paris enjoys the beautiful Eiffel Tower

It is no secret that Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Diverse food, fashion, and art famous, and beautiful scenery suitable for couples who want to add their romantic experience.

Besides visiting the famous places in Paris, some romantic things you can do in this city is a walk across the bridge Pont Neuf at sunset, dinner at the Eiffel Tower in France & sits in a pool of Jardin du Luxembourg, a stroll in Place des the Vosges, and visited the Louvre Palace. For us, Paris is the most romantic cities in Europe.


2. Rome, Italy

Top 22 World's Most Romantic Cities 2017

Beautiful & romantic place in Rome – credits: Italy Guides

It is no wonder why Rome is one of the most romantic cities in the world because it was full of old world charm. Walking along the street hand in hand with your loved ones and see all the beautiful architecture before slipping into gelateria for outstanding gelato.

Borghese park, with lush landscape, green, is a beautiful place to relax with a someone special. After relaxing, visit the Borghese gallery to witness some extraordinary art of the Bernini, Raphael, and Caravaggio, to name a few.

And at the end of the day, find a restaurant like a Library, an intimate space is perfect for a romantic rendezvous. This capital city is the city of romance in Italy.


3. Hawaii, United States

Top 22 World's Most Romantic Cities 2017

Young Couple Walking on Hawaiian Beach with Surfboard

Hawaii Island is a honeymoon destination city in the world, especially among Americans. Whether you’re in Maui, or the other main islands in Hawaii, where it always offers the best choice for couples.

Beach and tropical forests, luxury hotel rooms, sports, and a variety of interesting things in nature! This place will be one of most romantic places in the world.


4. Saint Thomas, Canada

Top 22 World's Most Romantic Cities 2017

Take a romantic walk in the warm sand at Saint Thomas Beach

It new in the Virgin Islands, and the coastal city famous for the beautiful coastline and exciting shopping. The city is filled with inns that can accommodate couples or even families.

In this city also limits the number of parties and party members, so you’ll have no trouble if you want a city of romance with your partner in Canada.

5. Venice, Italy

Trips with the gondola on the canals of this city have become a symbol of the city of love. Sitting close with the couple and with admiration to see the beautiful city.

A romantic dinner at the Italian restaurant with a variety of interesting twists and turns that will sometimes bring you to the romantic, beautiful church. Venice is a place that will make you fall in love and fall in love again.

Top 22 World's Most Romantic Cities 2017

Riding romantic Gondola while in Venice City, Italy

Italy is famous for its shades of love, especially Venice. Venice is often described as a city that element cannot be found in any other town in the world.

If you want to feel the nuances of the original architecture of Italy, then Venice is your best destination also this city will be one of the romantic cities in the world and the first most romantic places in Italy.

Some things exciting and romantic to do in Venice is certainly enjoying Gondola on the Grand Canal and if you are lucky you will get a gondolier who will sing for you, after that, you can feel the streets of the Rialto Bridge, and visit the alleys hidden Venice.

Also, remember to go to Florence and then Rome and enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the world.


6. Tahiti, French Polynesia

Top 22 World's Most Romantic Cities 2017

Enjoy a lovely dinner as a couple in Tahiti (Bora-bora)

Quiet area located in the South Pacific, with beautiful beach bungalow, which allows you to swim in the morning calm.

Relax on white sand with beautiful palm trees with hotel employees who are ready to help you whatever and whenever. The amazingly beautiful scenery at sunset will not be able to forget too quickly!


7. Belize City, Belize

Top 22 World's Most Romantic Cities 2017

A couple enjoys pool together in Belize

Belize is a beautiful place for couples. Island located in the middle of this reef will make everyone forget the pair as many beaches are so ‘private property’ water filled with colorful reef fish will accompany you.

Are you afraid to swim? Not a problem, beautiful beaches and swaying palm trees awaits you! This city will be one of World’s Most Romantic Cities 2017.


8. Malé, Maldives

Top 22 World's Most Romantic Cities 2017

Maldives romantic dinner as one of the romantic things to do

23 islands located in the middle of the Indian Ocean is one of the world paradise. Coral islands there is only a little above the surface of the sea, and a cluster of coral that surrounds the island is full of life. The small country is indeed beautiful and romantic is the most fitting place for a romantic life in Maldives.


9. Mahé, Seychelles

Top 22 World's Most Romantic Cities 2017

Enjoy two beer glass with your partner in Seychelles

Seychelles is an island in the Indian Ocean and located off the coast of Africa continent and is the most relaxing place in the world. Exotic life and feel of that calm will always be waiting for you and your partner.

A golf course, spa, fishing trips and fresh tropical drinks will make the couple on their honeymoon would not want to return to their home country again. This city will be one of World’s Most Romantic Cities 2017.


10. Castries, Saint Lucia

Top 22 World's Most Romantic Cities 2017

A couple enjoys the slow wind together in Saint Lucia

The brilliant choice still falls into a simple & quiet destination. Castries City as Saint Lucia’s capital, for example. We could describe the atmosphere in this place with the plants that grow so fast; the skies are so blue and tropical drinks flowing into the throat when we are daydreaming under a palm tree or in the shade.

There we can also explore the suburbs or lounge is available on its shores. Consequently only one; we are so reluctant to go home.

11. Bali, Indonesia

The place is not only popular in Indonesia, but Bali is also so popular in international level. Indeed, the island has a unique advantage. The site seems to offer a complete suite. Not only the beauty but also the culture and atmosphere so quiet.

Top 22 World's Most Romantic Cities 2017

Enjoy the romantic dinner in Bali, Indonesia – credits: Bali Kids Guide

A variety of the favorite spots we can go, there Ubud Island, Bukit, Nusa Dua, and so on. In addition to ready with an unforgettable sensation, ready also with Balinese delicious culinary.

We certainly will find many of Asian food that is so tempting. This city will be one of the most romantic cities in the world.


12. Bruges, Belgia

The ancient city with a medieval setting in Brussels this is the best way to escape from all the noise of the city. This quiet little town maintains the condition of the town remained in the state of this medieval city.

The streets were lined stone, with cafes in the open air will make you feel back to medieval times, complete with a variety of romantic and beautiful things, minus the trouble and fuss. Take a walk to Bruges is like stepping into the real-life fairy tale.

Top 22 World's Most Romantic Cities 2017

Take a horse carriage with your loved in Bruges City – credits: Truly Experiences

Be impossible not to think about romance while visiting the village which became a UNESCO World Heritage. Stones in the street lined with lovely, housing boutiques, chocolate shops, and restaurants that offer excellent dishes.

Take a walk along the canals and seeking beautiful swan, or a better, take a horse carriage where you and your partner enjoy an exciting tour through the narrow streets and the main square is beautiful. This city will be one of World’s Most Romantic Cities 2017.


13. Florence, Italy

For you that be an admirer of the ancient buildings and incredible architecture, this spot should be a top candidate. And we can see, there is the red-tiled roofs or the green mountains and blue so beautiful.

The place is like a hidden treasure that is waiting for you to explore the beauty in it. Likewise with cafes, waiting for you to enjoy the delights of Italian food.

Top 22 World's Most Romantic Cities 2017

Pictures from the wedding of Alexandra and Jay – credits: Photographer Tuscany

Florence will able to provide you one of the highest quality in the world for the couples who want to deepen their relationship and experience of love.

With the Italian food that is famous, the museum, the cathedral, the stone bridge, then the sights in Florence is going to give you the experience of love is amazing.

Some things you can do in this romantic city is to visit the Ponte Vecchio, the streets in the Boboli Garden, admire famous art at the Uffizi, visited Giotto’s Campanile, and the view of the city from the Piazzale Michelangelo in Italy.


14. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Top 22 World's Most Romantic Cities 2017

Rio de Janeiro giant statue – credits: 500px ISO

Furthermore, the most romantic place in the world is the city of Rio de Janeiro, the second largest town in Brazil after Sao Paulo. The natural beauty offered so diverse starting from giant Jesus statue located atop the Corcovado mountain.

Sugarloaf mountain that looks like sugar bread, the beauty of Copacabana beach and at the end of the beach, there is a historic fort.

If you are a big fan of the Twilight Saga film series, you can watch the romantic things of the city of Rio de Janeiro this passing scene, played by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as they honeymoon, also this city will be one of World’s Most Romantic Cities 2017.


15. Kyoto, Japan

Top 22 World's Most Romantic Cities 2017

Romantic nuances in Kyoto, Japan – credits: Rough Guides

The next town that is quietly full of exceptional beauty at every turn, Kyoto is one of the most romantic destinations in Japan to explore with someone special. Some parks have beautiful scenery to be visited, and Kyoto has some amazing green spaces, including the Botanical Garden Kyoto.

Sakura tree displays (see perfectly in the spring), colorful flowers, open picnic space for relaxing, plus a greenhouse, that will create lasting memories. The town is famous for its tradition, but also suitable for those who want to get romantic experience with your beloved.

Famous temples, palaces, and historic temples, especially if it was all done during Cherry Blossom season. The romantic experience that you can do is stay in a traditional inn which is equipped with traditional Tatami flooring and traditional futon beds, shower in Onsen Funaoka, following the Philosopher’s Stroll road that will take you to the Temple of the Silver Pavilion.

After you are happy with Kyoto, take a day trip to Nara where you can deal directly with the natural world, such as feeding the deer by hand.


16. Tuscany, Italy

Top 22 World's Most Romantic Cities 2017

Tuscany nuance with romantical all over the city – credits: Tuscan DMC

A region full of vineyards, villas and small towns of Italy, will make you feel like being on a romantic journey. You can stay in a historic villa, with the best food and you can bike around the vineyards and drink wine you select the best anyway.

If you are in this spot, for sure, you will understand why many people didn’t want to go back when I got in this place. In short, there are no more beautiful and romantic places in Italy than Tuscany.


17. Istanbul, Turkey

Top 22 World's Most Romantic Cities 2017

Enjoy dinner as special as your partner in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey is full of different history spans two continents and an outstanding past. From Hagia Sophia, the Christian basilica and then a Mosque, Topkapi Palace, the former home of luxury Museum of the Ottoman Sultans, Basilica Cistern, an underground waterway, Istanbul has many perfect locations to explore with your partner.

There is also a great place for a romantic stroll, including the Bosphorus Strait, that separates Europe and Asia, and Beyoglu bustling district. Istanbul is also known for its incredible sunsets, so find a good spot and watch the sky change colors.


18. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo lovely sea views - credits: Le Meridien Beach Plaza

Monte Carlo lovely sea views – credits: Le Meridien Beach Plaza

If the most romantic place is a casual place and not full of crowds, then the Monte Carlo offer different things. It is suitable for couples who love the fun and wildness, like race cars, top-class gambling, or sports tournaments.

This city will be one of World’s Most Romantic Cities 2017. But of course, the atmosphere is not appropriate if you want to apply your partner then Monte Carlo offers a beautiful place that touted as one of the most romantic locations in the world to get engaged.

The place was The Princess Grace Rose Garden that located along the River Fontieveille beautiful scenery.


19. Jaipur, India

Top 22 World's Most Romantic Cities 2017

Jaipur romantic gateway in India – credits: via.com

Want to add to the story of your romantic experience by riding an elephant in India? Then Jaipur is your best choice. The town is famous for her pink color is also renowned as one of the most romantic places in the world where you able to enjoy parks, monuments, to hotels nuances of the 18th century.

Some romantic experience to do in this city is to climb the elephant surrounding the city to the Amber Fort, a walk in the park Jaldhara water park, enjoy tea at the Taj Rambagh Palace, and went to the bazaar to see a variety of jewelry and costume belly dances for souvenirs.

20. Barcelona, Spain

Top 22 World's Most Romantic Cities 2017

Lovely evening landscapes in Barcelona, Spain – credit: Hotel-R

Although you are not a fan of architecture, you would have never heard of the beauty of Barcelona building is touted as the most beautiful cities in Spain. This is also the reason why this town is known for romance.

If you visit this city, then make sure you do not forget air balloon ride to see the beauty of this town of over 3,000 feet. That may be the most romantic experience for you and your partner.

Some other things you can do is walk in Port Vell sunset, visit the Placa de Santa Maria, and tried to dance Flamenco. This city will be one of the most romantic cities in the world.


21. Lisbon, Portugal

There are countless reasons why Lisbon is one of the most romantic cities in the world such as in between was the weather, buildings, tropical gardens, beaches, scenery, and much more. But in between it all one of the unique and meaningful maybes is an elevator ride Santa Justa.

Most Romantic Cities in the World

Lovely kiss by him to her – credits: CIM Travel

After an elevator ride then you will know the reason why Lisbon is one of the most romantic cities in the world. In addition to the Santa Justa elevator ride, some other romantic things you can do with your beloved is visiting Miradouro das Portas do Sol, walks in the Jardim Botanico Tropical, and up the Tram 25.

Although you probably often heard the Tram 28 or Tram 25 if the tram is very crowded with tourists then Tram 25, a quieter but just slightly less than the Tram 28. If it was not enough, do not forget to visit Sintra to add to your romantic experience of others. This city will be one of World’s Most Romantic Cities 2017.


22. Prague, Czech Republic

Most Romantic Cities in the World

A couple take a photoshoot in Prague City – credits: Victor Ju

Prague is one of the romantic wonders of the world, all of this thanks to the old town that preserved. Best shades of Prague can feel at night in summer or spring where you able to feel the beauty of the romantic atmosphere in the ancient city.

Romantic experience that you can do here is take a walk along the River Vltava when approaching dusk, a walk on the Charles Bridge, up the funicular to Petrin Gardens to see the maze of glass and waterfalls, visit the Prague Castle, and return to the plaza square this old town to witness the historic clock 600 years old. (Traveling Portals)